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Naturopathic physicians and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) agree that all humans are depositories for hundreds of different chemicals and toxins that have become a part of our homes and offices. In fact, the EPA states that the air in our homes is more toxic than the outside air, even in the inner city. This is because homes have become more air tight to increase the efficiency of heating and air conditioning and we are bringing more cleaning chemicals into our homes.

Detoxification can take several shapes and forms from a colon cleanse to fasting and changing lifestyle choices. The body has the ability to heal itself when given the tools and nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, our Standard Diet doesn’t provide those nutrients and most manufactured vitamins aren’t as bio-available as we’d like them to be. This means that the vitamins are available to the body to use in the same way that the nutrients from food are.

Detoxification basically means cleaning the body from toxins and chemicals that prevent the body from obtaining optimal health. By removing impurities, or helping the body to clear these impurities, from the blood, liver, kidneys and intestines the process improves the health of every cell in the body. A detoxification program will rest the organs of the body through fasting, stimulate the liver, promote elimination, improve circulation and refuel the body through health nutrients.

The first step in a detoxification process is to lighten the load your body must endure. Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats.  All of these things are toxins to the body and obstacles to the healing process.   You should also minimize or eliminate the use of chemical based cleaners and personal care products which are absorbed into the body through the skin and mucous membranes.

Another step is to look at the other products used in the home that contain plastic (smell from polyvinyl chloride releasing toxic chemical), and lead. In past decades leaded gasoline contributed to high levels of lead in the bones of women over 40. In order to decrease the amount of lead that is released into the bloodstream women should ensure good amounts of calcium, vitamin D and regular exercise which will help to decrease brittle bones.

Get rid of air fresheners in the home. While you may enjoy the scent, they are filled with neuro-toxins that coat the inside of the nose and make it difficult for you to smell – they don’t really get rid of odors. Instead, use natural alternatives, open windows, have plants in the home or office and empty the garbage cans.

Drinking at least 2 liters of natural spring water each day will help to stimulate the kidneys, liver and digestive system to work efficiently, boost your metabolism and accelerate fat elimination. By including other foods such as wild rice, herbal teas, melons, limes, green vegetables and onions in your diet you will be helping your body to eliminate built up toxins and avoid the build-up of more.

Add more fiber to the diet, including organically grown vegetables and fruits, to aid in elimination and clean out the colon. You can also help to improve the function of the liver by using dandelion root and blessed thistle and drinking burdock root tea. Intake of these mineral dense compounds will help the body to produce glutathione, a liver compound that helps drive out toxins.

Stress is another toxin to the body. Negative impacts include damage to the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and blood pressure. All of these problems lead to other health concerns. By transforming the stress in your life to more positive emotional feelings you will go a long way to detoxifying your lifestyle.

You might begin your detoxifying process through a fast. Nutritionists understand that fasting for 24 hours every 14 to 30 days is actually healthy for the body. In today’s society we rarely go hungry but in the days when we foraged for our food days might go by before we were able to fill our bellies. Through fasting occasionally (drinking only water and an occasional glass of juice) we rest our liver and intestines giving them a better chance to work more effectively.

Sweat and perspiration is another technique used to drive out the toxins from the body. Through saunas, exercise and hot showers you help the body to eliminate wastes. Dry-brushing your skin can also help to remove toxins through the pore. Special brushes are available at natural product stores.

Detoxification is a process that helps the body to rid itself of toxins and chemicals. This has significant impact on the overall health and well-being of the individual who practices it. But, like all other alternative health practices be sure to check with your doctor before making changes to your diet or lifestyle that may impact any medications or underlying medical conditions. For instance, those with diabetes should not fast for 24 hours or those who are taking water pills should maintain consistent intake of specific vitamins and nutrients.

For best results in any detoxification regimen it is best to combine the recommended diet together with detox formulas that expel toxins out of the body faster. The Special Detox Combo is designed just for that...

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