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Who Is Bio Mineral Remedies?
The idea of Bio Mineral Remedies was born out of personal experiences of Sikelela and Noma Sovasi when their son got diagnosed with autism, a condition that forced them to change their day to day lives due to demanding attention required to look after an autistic toddler. Many consultation visits to medical experts, behavioral specialists and use of prescription drugs all proved futile in improving his condition even slightly. This prompted Sikelela and Noma to embark on search to seek a more effective and proven healing regimen to reverse their child's condition and provide him chance to experience life as a 'normal' child.
Though medical practitioners pre-warned that the child would not be able to speak and interact with his peers, this did not deter their hope to find the remedy. Things changed for the better when they found and followed a healing modality known as The African Bio Mineral Balance, an ancient method that encourages an increase in intake of plant-based mineral compounds. In less than 2 years of adhering to this method, consuming body detox and rejuvenation formulas and following a recommended dietary guide, the little boy regained his full speech, became socially interactive, curious and attentive as any child his age...and this was a 'miracle' from the determination and consistency. They are now sharing with the world what worked for them.
Why Do We Need To Detox?
The African Bio Mineral Balance works on the precepts that human beings just like animals in the wild, are not designed to get sick. Humans only get sick when they violate the natural cosmic arrangement of gene food consistency, stating that each species in the universe has a specific food source that is consistent to its genetic structure. When this arrangement has been violated either by humans or animals, then sickness starts to manifest.
An African is placed by nature in the large tropical continent with plenty of vegetation as food source for the nourishment of African genome, however the modern African ignores this principle and consume artificial foods, processed foods, GMO foods and other acid forming foods that hurt the biological structure.
Since modern food sources from supermarkets, to restaurants and take away outlets serve 'fast food' that is lacking the nutrition for human body, they accumulate and clog the system until start of disease.
The process of detoxification with alkaline herbal formulas ensures the total removal of toxins and provide the necessary minerals to rebuild the cells and replenish depleted mineral reservoirs. Bio Mineral Remedies exists to avail high potency natural detox products across all ages, targeting wider variety of health conditions.
Why Our Solution Is Better?
Bio Mineral Remedies aims to be a leading lifestyle brand offering full range of consumable products from Health care, Personal care and Household products that are developed using 100% natural and alkaline plant based ingredients. The science behind the formulation of our product range is validated by scientific principle of chemical affinity, which ensures that we only use herbal compounds that are compatible with the systems of human body and thus provide complete assimilation required for nourishment on a cellular level.
In the last couple of years Bio Mineral Remedies products have helped improve and reverse conditions for many of our users who previously lost hope and lived with chronic conditions. The effectiveness of the formulas is not only validated by the sound science but by every day satisfactory results.
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